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English as an International Language (EIL) Program

The English as an International Language (EIL) program provides non-native speakers of English with a variety of courses from intermediate to advanced levels. Language instruction in these courses focuses on the academic English students will need to succeed in their university courses.

Non-native English-speaking students take a series of English proficiency exams upon their arrival at BYU–Hawaii. The results of these tests determine if students will need to enroll full-time or part-time in EIL courses or if they will be exempt from EIL courses. Students taking advanced level EIL courses may enroll in other university courses as credit load allows under the guidance of the EIL academic advisor. Students receive full credit towards graduation for all EIL courses and may also apply for a certificate in EIL (described below).

Program Outcomes

  • READING: Students efficiently read and process academic texts (noting length, complexity, and time constraints) and apply the information to academic tasks.
  • LISTENING: Students listen to and process academic discourse in formal (such as lectures, presentations, and videos) and interactional contexts (such as group discussions, tutor sessions, and office hours), and apply the information to academic tasks.
  • SPEAKING: Students communicate orally in academically appropriate ways in both formal (such as individual and group presentations) and interactional contexts (such as group meetings, class discussions, tutor sessions, and office hours).
  • WRITING: Students write in academically appropriate ways.
  • VOCABULARY: Students apply effective vocabulary strategies when learning and using academic (such as AWL) and content-specific vocabulary.
  • GRAMMAR: Students notice, recognize, and employ grammatical structures that are appropriate to various academic tasks.
  • LEARNER AUTONOMY: Students apply effective language learning strategies to their academic study beyond the EIL Program.

Program Requirements

Academic Advisors

EIL Program Faculty

Tom Court

Assistant Professor
MFB 111
(808) 675-3610

Austin Pack

Assistant Professor
MFB 109
(808) 675-3632

Leola Solis

Assistant Professor
MFB 115
(808) 675-3211