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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the School of Education?

See Map.

Do I have to take a test to be a teacher?

If you are pursuing a Hawaii teacher license, then yes, you will have to pass a series of PRAXIS tests. For international students, these tests are usually not required. But Home Country Requirements must be met. See the advisor.

When are PRAXIS tests offered?

Check out their website at Several of the tests are offered at theBYU Hawaii testing center.

How does a person get a teacher's license?

Actual teacher licenses are governed by each individual state.BYU Hawaii provides a Teacher Education Program which is a requirement for licensing within the state of Hawaii.

What if I am not planning on teaching in Hawaii?

We offer 3 programs:
1. Undergraduate
-Teacher Licensing with the Hawaii Teacher Standard's Board
-International (with practicum & student teaching)
-Non-Licensing (no practicum or student teaching)
2. Post-graduate (often called our 5th-year program)
-not a degree - leads to licensure only, available to Hawaii residents
3. Education minor
For full details, please see the Academic Advisors