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TESL Reporter

TESL Reporter Publishes Its Final Issue

Founded by William D. Conway and Alice C. Pack in 1967, the TESL Reporter has served as a valuable resource for many TESOL educators throughout the world. Initially published and mailed free of charge, the TESL Reporter has been especially valuable for teachers in developing countries who lacked access to resources or the international TESOL community.

With the Fall 2022 issue, the TESL Reporter closes its doors after 55 years. We express our gratitude for the authors who have contributed manuscripts throughout the years, as well as for the many individuals, including editors, copy editors, circulation managers, and review board members who have spent no small amount of time and effort in making the TESL Reporter a success.

For additional information regarding the journal and its history, readers are encouraged to peruse the foreword to the final issue, “Eulogy at the Passing of a Praiseworthy Professional Periodical” by Lynn Henrichsen, which can be found in the final issue, which is linked below. The final issue in its entirety, as well as archived published issues, can be found using the links below.

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