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TESOL or TESOL Education

The TESOL Major? Or the TESOL Education Major?

The primary factor in determining a student's choice between taking the BA TESOL and the TESOL Education major is their education objective.

If the objective is teaching anywhere, the TESOL major would be best and would allow someone to. teach in the private sector (business, private institutes & pre-schools, military or adult education).

If a student seeks to teach in a public school, he/she should consider the TESOL Education major. It offers an intensive introduction to the instruction of younger students. If the objective is to teach in a public school system inside the U.S., the student must choose the TESOL Education major.

Students have difficulty choosing between the two options when they don't know what they want to do or don't want to make a choice because they want to have all their options open. Those who want to increase their options should choose the TESOL Education major because it sets them on the road to being able to teach in almost any situation abroad or in the US.

This choice, however, must be made early in your university education because the TESOL major is somewhat like a double major and eliminates elective credits from your graduation plan. The total credits required for TESOL plus the credits required for Education leaves little room for elective classes or changes.

The Teacher Education Program is constantly working with the departments of education in other countries, and more options are opening up for student teaching at international locations. The Academic Advisor for the Teacher Education Program is the best person to ask about certifying teaching in public schools in Asia or Polynesia.